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Ski-resort Courmayeur

1) What makes a good location for a ski-resort?
2) Where in Europe do we find mountain resorts (include a map)?
3) Locate Courmayeur on your map
4) What are theattractions of Courmayeur?
5) What benefits has tourism brought to Courmayeur?
6) What disadvantages has tourism brought to Courmayeur?
7) What might be the future hold for Alpine ski-resorts such asCourmayeur?


1) First of all, there is the need for the physical factors. The climate must be cold and enough snow must fall in winter. Moreover, they are located in mountain areas as youhave to be able to ski down the mountain and the snow has to continue to lie, often ski resorts lie from at least 1200m onward in order to ensure it. Furthermore, the resort has to be accessible by car,train, airplane etc., as the people have to be able to come there in the first place. Another factor are the housing facilities (hotels) and the quality of the so called Après ski which includes thenightlife and the restaurants. Last but not least, the nature and the scenic attractions (the view etc.) are important in order to have a good location.

2/3) We find mountain resorts all overEurope. To start with the two prime mountain resorts are the Alps and the Pyrinees. But you also have ski resorts in Scandinavia (except for Denmark) and in Eastern European countries including Poland,Bulgaria, Slovenia.


4) Courmayeur has about 100km marked piste and the runs are perfect for a lot of ski fun. In the evening there are many possibilities to enjoy your self. There are loadsof restaurants, bars, discos and clubs. The town itself is a traditional town with a great architecture and a marvellous Italian athmosphere. There are possibilities to shop or you can enjoy theweekly market and the other spare time attractions like the swimming pool or people can go horse-riding or climbing. Last but not least, the scenic attraction is marvellous and very beautiful.

5) The...