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Bridget Jones's Diary
A Day of Horror

Bridget Jones's Diary is a by . Written in the form of a personal diary, the novel chronicles a year in the life of , a thirty-something working womanliving in . She writes (often humorously) about her career, self-image, vices, family, friends, and romantic relationships.

It recounts the life of Bridget Jones, a single thirties living in Londonand working in publishing. She fights often humorously to give meaning to his life in the context of the 1990s, and his love affairs with her boss Daniel Cleaver and the lawyer of human rights, MarkDarcy. The concept of "emotional bastard" is often developed in the two novels Bridget Jones: the agitation caused by men caught in the phenomenon of womanizing and commitment phobia. It is a phenomenonfamiliar to Bridget, but his "family" of friends Sharon (Shazza, feminist), Jude (a business woman who suffers the ups and downs of the relationship with the appalling Richard ) and Tom (who must dealin his relationship with Jerome pretentious the "emotional bastard").
Bridget's family consists of a mother too sure that it always seems to find new adventures and projects, a father very down toearth (although this should suffer the mood swings of his wife) and his brother, Jamie, a secondary character. Bridget often visits her parents and friends, Geoffrey and Una Alconbury. On theseoccasions, Bridget is often assailed by the question: How's your love life? and exposed to the eccentricities of the middle and upper classes of British society, characterized by receptions "turkey curry"and barbecues on "whores and pastors.
First time we'll see in this excerpt Bridget's relationship with his parents and especially with his mother and a second in her love life

Bridget has a ratherambiguous relationship with his mother who is very invasive, with thirty three years, her mother still strength to do things it does not always do, for example his mother grieves the coming New...