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Communication plan

The communication plan is important for the federation. After the bad image given by the nation team in South Africa, we should choose an appropriate communication plan. Thefederation has to continue to advertise. They have to make the difference between the B2B customers and the B2C customers


We choose the continuous and alternating plan for our B2Bcustomers. We need to attract some new sponsors or some new equipment manufacturers. The advertising has to increase until a final point and decrease slowly. However, it cannot completely stop. We alwaysneed to attract more sponsors and more B2B clients. So we think that this advertising campaign has to continue all the year, especially after the events of the World Cup.



We chose theintermittent and alternating plan for our B2B customers. The quantity of advertising should increase when there are some important sports events like the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA Euro. Theobjectives are to invite people to buy some products like jersey before this great events and make people watch and encourage their national team. There is no need to make the same quantity of advertising allthe year because the national team do not play games every weeks like an ordinary football team.
Concerning the actual bad image of the national team and the federation, we think that making a goodquantity of advertising for several small periods is a good idea. We need to let people forget about the disillusion of KNYSNA and give them some advertising about the values of the federation.Direct Marketing


The direct marketing is very important in the B2B market. We need it to contact more customers without a face-to-face contact. We decided to establish a Newsletter to informour partner about our activity. We will send those e-mails one time a week to introduce them our events, actuality or our meeting. We also decided to make some phone calls. It is a key point in direct...