Competitors analysis

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Competitors analysis

In this part, we will analyze the position of our company in comparison with our competitors. Our society is called K1 in this document.Direct competition : Retailers market

1. Market share for quarter 4 (volume)

Market share for quarter 4 in volume (%)

On the “boat A” market, our societyis well positioned with a market share of 24, 82%.
On the “boat B” market, our society is well positioned too with a market share of 20, 63%.
On the “boat C”market, our society is second of the market with a market share of 21, 59%.

In volume, our society is well positioned on the three markets, with the next diagram wewill try to know if there is a correspondence between the volume market share and the value market share.

2. Market share for quarter 4 (value)

Market sharefor quarter 4 in value (%)

With this diagram, we can see that we are not as well positioned as the precedent diagram. Our market share for Boat A is quasi equal withthe leader’s market share. Nevertheless, for Boat B and C market share, we are distanced by K4. We can explain it by the fact that they have sold more boats than ourcompany and they sold its more expansive than ours. The comparative price study we have ordered show us that K4 sold their Boat C 25 000 €, we only sold ours Boat C18 000 €. For Boat B results, conclusion on our market place is the same.

3. Price

Products price’s for quarter 4 (€)

Indirect competition : companiesmanufacturing closely linked products (Recreational and pneumatic products) of a similar design or substitution products such as zodiacs out boards or even yachts.