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In today's society, women often feel that to be seen as successful, they should have to balance their career, children and their marriage. For many families, going back to work, after the birth of a child is a necessity, as they find it impossible to stop work due to financial concerns. However, many people feel that this is bad for children, who then have to be looked after byan outside source during the day, such as a childminder or nursery school. As early childhood is the most precious time of a child's development, it is important that the mother or indeed the father should be there for that child and devote as much time as possible to raising their children. By staying at home, mothers can ensure that their children have the best start in life, by giving themlove.

Therefore, this paper intends to demonstrate that, rather than liberating women, the women’s movement has created new problems, such as a difficult choice between career and family. The problem is that in our society, women are more and more independent. This need for freedom can lead to problems either for married or single women. Women have fought for so long to be equal to men, butthey have to face new problems: choosing to raise a family and to stay at home or to fulfil their career. Women want to work in order to have financial independence, and not to depend on their husband, but if they work they lose something with their children, and feel guilty about their children.

We must not ignore that many women actually have no choice about whether to work or stay at home fulltime. Either because of poverty or because they are single parents, or both, women find they must work to earn enough money to provide for their family. Regardless of the supposed benefits to children of having a mother at home in their early years, studies have found clear evidence to show that childhood poverty has a lasting negative impact upon children. Many people believe that children ofworking mothers were likely to be less healthy than those whose mothers remained at home. According to an article on the BBC website, a report suggests that working mothers have less time and this is why their children have less healthy lifestyles. But it does not imply that this is a necessary consequence of being a working mother. There are many children with working mothers whose lifestyles arejust as, or healthier than, those whose mothers stay at home. (Clare Murphy, BBC)

In this paper we will first of all argue that choosing between careers and raising children at home can be very hard for women. Here we hope demonstrate that even with the women’s movement that occurs in the past few decades, the women continue to be the primary caregivers of children. Finally we shall explainthe reasons for which when mothers work, they feel guilty to go back to work. (Flanagan)
There is always a big question as whose lifestyle is easier: stay-at-home moms or working moms? It is for sure that both types of mothers work very hard, but what is better for a woman, to stay at home with kids, or to work is very hard to determine. So let's see a little deeper and find out all the plusesand minuses for staying at home or working while being a mom.
Anyone who has children, especially infants and toddlers, will know and agree that this is not an easy task at all. Keeping up with children is very tiresome and is equal to working a full time job. There is a constant attention that kids require, no matter whether they need to read a book, watch TV, eat, play or go for a walk. Inaddition, women have to do the work around the house cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. But there is a big confrontation between stay at home women and working mothers to point out who’s the best mother.

A New York Times reporter Lynette Clemetson has added a new dimension to the “mommy wars” by describing the differences between black and white women's views on balancing work and family. Her...
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