Computer game playing : evidence for addiction and aggression ?

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  • Publié le : 17 octobre 2010
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PSY Q 21B BROCHE Eve N°20402036 Résumé de l’article : Excessive Computer Game Playing: Evidence for Addiction and Aggression?

Video Games are more and more present in adult’s and teenager’severyday’s life. Recent scientific studies qualified excess of video games as an addicition. This article deals with the possible relationship between addiction to video games and aggressive behaviors.Video games can bring positive effects, but excess is associated with addiction criterias (salience, craving, mood modification or increasing playing activities). It is supposed that gaming can increasethe aggressive potential in real life. Furthermore, it has been stated that violent video games can help in developping violent thoughts, behaviors, and hostile emotions. But today, the relationshipbetween aggressive behavior and excess of video game can’t be proven by reliable datas. The study in this article has been conduced in order to prove this relationship and to inquire about the addictivepotential of video games. The sample of the study is 7069 gamers (94% male, average age : 21,11 years, SD : 6,35) who answered two different online questionnaires about their playing habits in whichvariables about aggressive behaviors and violent attitudes were associated. The statistical results showed that 11.9% of the players were considered as pathological after an addiction criteriasanalysis. Results put the focus on the fact that playing video games can be the origin of an addiction related to cognitive behaviors, like finding personal benefits while playing or managing stress. Thesedisfunctionnal behaviors, on the long term, do maintain addictive behaviors that should be considered as excessive behaviors in therapy. The addictive potential of video games should be taken intoconsideration regarding prevention and intervention. On another hand, the study showed that the potential relationship between addiction to video games and violent behaviors is weak, the “game excess”...