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Computers weren't as technological and complex like the ones we know. In 1671, Gottfried Wilhelm invented a small computer that could add andmultiply. Soon after, Charles Xavier Thomas built a newer calculator that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. His invention was the first to becomecommercially successful.

Probably one of the first complex computers that were an important part of the computer's history was ENIAC (Electronic NumericalIntegrator and Computer/Calculator). This computer was big. It took a large room to fit this big computer in. ENIAC could do thousands of calculations and wasmade during World War II so it was also used to calculate movement and strategies for the military during the war. The computer helped out the world a lot. Youwill see how in the next section.


Ten years ago, the Internet was practically unheard of by most people. Today, the Internet is one ofthe most powerful tools throughout the world.
Children using the Internet have become a big concern. Most parents do not realize the dangers involved whentheir children log onto the Internet. When children are online, they can easily be lured into something dangerous.
Another major disadvantage of the Internetis privacy.
Moreover, in few years Internet turned to a mania. Men can spend 18 hours per day living Internet life, instead of real. Internet addiction is aserious problem of our age and our generation. Internet addicts become nervous, anxious and emotionally excited when they lose connection with internet.