Concept d'harmonie dans les responsabilitees sociales de l'entreprise; confucianisme et taoisme

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  • Publié le : 6 avril 2011
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In recent years, Corportae Social Responsibility has taken an important part of business acitivities. Although the history of adopting the Western Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept inChina spans less than 20 years, the core principles of CSR are not new and can be legitimately interpreted within traditional Chinese culture. We find that the Western CSR concepts do not adapt well tothe Chinese market, because they have rarely defined the primary reason for CSR well, and the etic approach to CSR concepts does not take the Chinese reality and culture into consideration.
This paperwill try to describe a new approach of CSR different from the Western Approach, which can be explained through the philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism. We will first try to understand why there isa need for a new approach of CSR which will best suit the Chinese Culture of doing business, the second part will try to describe how “Harmony” in CSR can be obtained by followiing the doctrines ofTaoism and Confucianism suit this new approach, and finally

Why Western CSR does not suit Chinese Culture approach of Business.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which originated in the West,is a term that has been discussed worldwide and developed, resulting in a wide array of definitions, concepts and comments. However it can be defined as business organisation’s configuration of theprinciples of social responsibility, process of social responsiveness, and policies, programmes and observable outcomes as they relate to the firm’s societal relationship’. Since CSR is a term whichoriginated in the West, many debates, standards and disclosures over CSR in China have tended to follow developments in the West. For instance, the main CSR-related standards and guidelines come from theWest, such as SA8000, WRAP and ISO standards, and the few Chinese local standards such as CSC9000T are in their inception (CSC9000T, 2006; ISO, 2006; SAI, 2007; WRAP, 2008). Western standards are...