Conducting business in china

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Conducting Business Effectively in China
-- A cross-cultural management workshopWORKSHOP TOPICS Chinese Business Environment Market conditions Government and business The Legal system and role of WTO Company types and behavioral patterns Business opportunities and challenges CountryProfile - Presentation of key historical and sociopolitical factors that have shaped present-day China and its business environment. Topics include: History Language / Ethic groups Geography andregionalism Transportation Economic Cultural Context - This is an interactive presentation of key Chinese values. These values are: "guanxi" (Relationship building), "renqing" (Duty and Obligation) and"mianzi" (Face giving and face saving). This forms the core of Chinese cultural values that applies in both daily living and business situations. Mutual dependence (guangxi) Hierarchy (mianzi) Trust andaffection (renqing) Formality factors Key Chinese cultural factors influencing business Cross-Cultural Interactions - Discussion of key business skills important in establishing, maintaining andexpanding business relationships in China. Topics include: Important communication techniques Initial contact Business meeting Business entertaining and social etiquette Business gift giving Problem solvingConflict resolution Managing people

Cross China (USA), Inc. 18 Jackson Road Ext Penfield, New York 14526 Tel 585-377-2701

Negotiation - Negotiation is an important part ofalmost any business dealing with China and poses a range of challenges for American firms due to various cultural differences and communication styles. Discussion and case studies illustrate variousapproaches to negotiation through topics including: Negotiation Style Differences Between Americans and Chinese Negotiation Techniques Schedule and Pacing Negotiations Negotiation Protocol and...