Conflict in the middle east

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Conflict in the Middle East
What is the main aim for the Zionists?
The main aim for the Zionists is to be able to find a place where they can live.
Why did the British produce the BalfourDeclaration?
The British produced the Balfour Declaration because they wanted to sympathize with the Jewish Zionist ambitions.
Britain made ‘promises’ to the Jews, the Arabs and the French in the war. Whichof these peoples would feel most betrayed after the war?
Arabs: Britain supported the independence of the Arabs (in McMahon’s letter in 1915). After, Arabs leader heard that France and Britainsecretly agreed to take over the Turkey’s Arab lands after the war and be ruled by French or British (the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916). The British and the French were given mandates, ordered to governin countries in the Middle East until Arabs were able to govern themselves (the British mandate over Palestine).
How useful is Source C in explaining why the Arab rebellion broke out in 1936?
Itshows us that the British government decided to destroy the Arabs land so that the Arabs would be obligated to live their own tent. That’s why we can understand why the Arab rebellion broke out in 1936.Why was Britain unable to establish an independent Palestine state ruled jointly by Jews and Arabs?
Because of Jewish immigration, Arabs were afraid to lose their land. British were in a badposition. If they allowed immigration in Palestine, Arab’s violence would increase, but if they stopped immigration everyone would accused them of inhumanity. The Arab rebellion broke out because the Britishattacked them but the British also wanted their oil. The Jews and Arabs were against each other because of the British and that’s why they can establish an independent Palestine state.
What 4-5factors or themes were key in shaping the period of 1945 (End of WWII) to 1948? Be sure to give explanation, evidence and analysis of all points.
1. Independence of Palestine: Arabs and Jews were...