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Module 2: Affect, Cognition and Marketing Strategy
Assignment 2: Think that you are considering buying or renting a flat, and analyze the main factors influencing your decision. Use the model ofcognitive processing of consumer decision making as your framework. And From your personal viewpoint, describe the relationship between salient beliefs about and attitude toward two different products ofyour choice, one in a low-involvement and the other in the high-involvement category.
First, when I’m beginning my search for a flat, I have to perceive the difference between ideal flat and actualflat with my student expensive. During interpretation processes, consumers make a sense of the meanings of important aspects of the physical and social environment, select the information and involveattention and comprehension. First I have to draw up the factors list for my search: the amount of the rent and funds available in account- bank because when you are student you don’t have the samebudget than a family and your exigencies are quiet different, the number of room (would I like to be alone or with roommates in my apartment?), the place and the neighborhood (student place, quiet oractive, safe place …) and the condition of the flat, brightness will be my main factors. When they search the relevant marketing information, consumers are exposed to some marketing information, so Icould call a real-estate agency, speak with friends and family or check classified ad to get an idea of prices. After this intentional exposure, I will be able to change the main factors if it’s toodemanding or begin the visiting. This decision represents a high involvement because product attributes are strongly linked to important end goal (find a place to live during several years) and it couldbe really risks. But my levels of involvement could be influenced by my intrinsic self-relevance; I have stored in memory means-end knowledge through my past experience. Last year, my neighborhoods...