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Glossary of Contract Terms
ACCREDITATION Recognition issued by a national accrediting organization to behavioral healthcare and human services providers for their compliance with the established evaluation criteria for service quality. Commonly know accrediting organizations include the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF), the Joint Commission on Accreditation of HealthcareOrganizations (JCAHO), and the Council on Accreditation (COA). ADDENDUM A document used to expand or more fully explain the terms of a solicitation which is incorporated as part of the original solicitation. This modification becomes a legal part of the solicitation. This term should not be confused with a contract amendment as it is not used to change the terms of a contract. ADMINISTRATIVE STANDARDSCriteria for evaluating a provider’s compliance with contract provisions. ADVANCE PAYMENTS ADVANCE PAYMENTS. A payment situation whereby under certain circumstances it is possible to make a portion of the contract funds available to a provider prior to the delivery of services and or expenditure of funds by the provider. AMENDMENT A document by which significant changes are made to the terms of anexecuted contract. Changes requiring an amendment include, but are not limited to adjustments in costs, services, time period, and method of payment. The amendment is incorporated as part of the original contract. ATTACHMENT I The unique, program-specific part of a contract that contains the statement of work for each provider including services to be provided, manner of service provision, method ofpayment, and special provisions. AUDIT TRAIL A recorded flow of transactions from initiation to finalization with supporting documentation to justify each transaction. BEST VALUE The highest overall value to the procuring agency based on objective factors determined by the procuring agency. BID OPENING CLERK The individual charged with the responsibility of receiving, logging, and opening bids.BIDDER See Offeror. BIDDERS’ CONFERENCE See Offerors’ Conference BREACH OF CONTRACT


A condition that results from the failure of a party to a contract to abide by all material terms or conditions of the contract such that one party loses the value of its bargain with the other party. Breach is a sufficient condition for contract termination but not an automatic reason. BUDGET A plan thatoutlines expected revenues and expenditures. CERTIFICATION OF ASSURANCES A written and signed list of performance requirements and business conditions to which the potential vendor agrees to be bound. CERTIFICATION REGARDING DEBARMENT AND SUSPENSION See the definition of Debarment and Suspension, Certification Regarding. CERTIFIED MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE A minority-owned business which has beencertified by the certifying organization or jurisdiction in accordance with subsection 287.0943, F.S. COMMODITY A tangible, specific item or product, such as: desk, toothbrush, bed, etc. COMPETITIVE SEALED BID PROPOSAL REPLY The receipt of two or more sealed bids or proposals or replies submitted by responsive and qualified bidders or proposers, or persons responding to a formal competitiveprocurement instrument. COMPLIANCE The fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the contract in accordance with applicable policies, rules and regulations. CONFIDENCE INTERVAL The range of values that has a given probability of including the actual population statistic based on the sample of the population studied. CONFIDENCE LEVEL The likelihood that a population statistic falls within a rangespecified based on a studied sample. For example, the 95% confidence level indicates that 95 of 100 times the range reported in the sample findings includes the value that would have been determined if the whole population had been included in the study or that the assertion made based on the sample is also true for the population as a whole.. CONFLICT OF INTEREST QUESTIONNAIRE A questionnaire to be...