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Describe one social issue that can be found in educational settings

One issue that is present in many different corpuses of our societies, especially in an educational setting, is the reality ofsocial class. This reality is inseparable to the other present reality of power.
These two social issues are intimately linked and have been subjects to a variety of theories and researches.
Theissue of the social class is found in every school (primary, secondary, universities). The range of the population is represented in most schools, from the less to the most advantaged people.
Schools areinstitutions where pupils can exchange and discover a reality that is opposite to that which they would normally exposed to. Usually, students have a natural instinct to be attracted to the studentsthat have the same social background. Naturally pupils tend to divide themselves into different classes from an early age.
Those coming from privileged classes will have more ease to adapt to thephilosophy of schooling according to the fact that school teaches how to speak properly, how to write decently and gives access to a certain general culture/knowledge. Coming from a privileged familyhelps to succeed in school. For instance, if a child curses at home, he might be punished or scolded by his parents; if he speaks when someone else is speaking, the parents will tell him that this is notpolite. The child will have more or less incorporated the good manners when he will be starting school.
The priorities between the classes can be extremely different. The worry of the disadvantagedfamily can be that the bills won’t be paid at the end of the month where the advantaged people worry about what brand of car they are going to buy. This example is a caricature. But the child thatdoesn’t speak properly or behave correctly might not be the only problem a child will have to face when integrating into education.
These social differences before entering in school constitute a...
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