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Introduction 2
1. Australian brewing industry and its key driving forces 3
2. Coopers’ business strategy 6
3. Coopers’ Strategic Capability 7
4. Coopers’ performance and position in 2007 9
5. Issues, options and recommendation to Coopers 10
References 13


About Coopers Brewery
Coopers Brewery is considered to be a small family-run beer company originally located inAdelaide, South Australia and in 2001 moved to a brand new facility at Regency Park. Coopers Brewery is the third largest brewer in Australia and exports to about 26 countries locally and overseas. Coopers accounts for about 3% of the total Australian beer market, but around 13% of the premium beer market. The attribute “small” Is derived from the number of employees and shareholders as it was mentionedto be 115 and 132 in 2007. It is an unlisted public company where the majority (95%) of shareholders is created by members of Coopers’ family and you can also find the fifth generation of Coopers in leadership of this company. As for shares the company has A, B, C, D class shares. Although there is the greatest amount of C class shares, the rules are set up in a way that just holders of theclasses A, B, D have the crucial voting rights such as to appoint members of Board of Directors.
Coopers is engaged in production of lagers as well as ales and stouts. The process of top fermentation and usage of just natural ingredients impart its products their unique characteristics such as their cloudy appearance. Among the main products belong Coopers Sparkling Ale, Coopers Original Pale Ale,Coopers Dark Ale, Coopers Mild Ale, Coopers Best Extra Stout, Coopers Premium Lager and Coopers Premium Light. Each of them is highly differentiated and targeted to meet requirements of specific groups of drinkers.
Coopers belongs also to very active marketers and sponsors. Its activities range from supporting basketball team (Adelaide 36er basketball team), over various games and races (Balaklavaand Kangaroo Island horseraces) to such events as music and art festivals (Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Cabaret Festival).
If you want to share your passion for everything relating to Coopers you have a special opportunity to join “The Coopers Club” that enables you to enjoy free entertainment, preview of new products releases, you can even meet personally with the Coopers staff and who knowsmaybe even Glen or Tim Cooper on their own or to get a discount voucher for dining, accommodation and travelling.
Brief View to History
Coopers Brewery was established by Thomas Cooper in 1862. The structure of beer turned up quite accidentally when he tried to cure his sick wife. The first brewery was then founded in Leabrook, Adelaine and Thomas managed it with his 4 sons. In 1962 CoopersBrewery formed an alliance with SA Brewing, the dominant leader of South Australian brewing industry. In the same year it also began to export to USA and to produce a home brewing kits as an answer to falling on tap sales due to higher beer taxes. The period from 1979 to 1989 is mostly connected with Cooper rapid expansion in international sales and also in other Australian states. However, 1990s andbeginning of the new millennium were the crucial years for Coopers Brewery because of Lion Nathan and its takeover bid. It started in 1993 when Lion Nathan acquired SA Brewing and sold certain shares back to Cooper in exchange for a right to purchase Coopers shares before any other prospective buyer. But in 1998 a change of control came over the Lion Nathan with Japanese brewer Kirin and Cooperscalled for removal of Lion Nathan’s third tier rights. It ended in two takeover offers which were both denied, consequently in a trial won by Coopers Brewery and so in removal of Lion Nathans right. Meanwhile Glen Cooper became a marketing director and started a huge marketing campaign to bring near the coopers products also to younger generation and make it more available also for all sorts of...