Corporal punishement

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Intro: In our current society we are thinking that everybody is always in security. But many country in the world are very tolerant with the corporal punishment. However thispractice is very dangerous and traumatizing for people who undergo this chatiment. And that is why we may Wonder if these corporals punishment are very necessarry for impose the respect and thediscipline ?
To give an answer to this question we will use 3 parts: One about the history of the corporal punishment One about the different corporal punishment
And the last one on our opinion .

I)history of Corporal punishment

A) antiquity
The corporal punishement rise from immémorial time. Indeed we can say this practice start in particular with sparte where the corporal punishementwere used to educate the discipline and the physical strength to the youngs spartitates people.

B) middle age and renaissance
In the Middle Age the corporal punishment is mainly use by thechurch. Indeed the corporal punishment aimed to punish the herertics who didn’t respect the religion‘s rules. Also during this period, school was hanged up by the catholic church and of this fact,corporal punishment started at school.

For the renaissance the corporal punishement was used by the justice with the aim of given an exemple to the population who didn’t respect the law. But it’s in thesame time, the first writer critic this practice.

C) époque cotemporaine
In the middle of the 19th century, the corporal punishment started to be prohibited. In many country in the worldcorporal punishments were considered as too dangerous and not necessary efficient to increase the respect in the law, at school and at home.

II) the differents corporal punishment

A) at home
Havingthe duty to educate their children, the parents give the right to punish they with corporal punishment. But this practice is inked in the customs and it’s natural for they to impose of such...