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BTS Comptabilité et gestion des organisations Deuxième année

Devoir 1
Part 1: global comprehension (10 points)
2) Exemple de présentation « oralisée » en anglais (10 pts) : In the drawing we can see a coach encouraging an employee to be a winner. The coach has a megaphone and congratulates the employee on his performance. The man running the race is dressed in asuit and tie, so we infer he is a white-collar worker. He may be an office manager, an accountant, a salesman, a businessman or do any job that requires formal attire. Nowadays increasing numbers of workers have coaches to help them improve their performance and get on with their team at work. Companies often provide this service, but individuals can consult them privately as well. Coaches point outtheir clients’ weak points, but as we can see in the cartoon, their role is above all to motivate and encourage them to do their best. 130 words

Part 2: phonologie (10 points)
1) Accents toniques Professional Organization Consultants Perspective Communicate Executive Employee Concretely Accountant Enhance



2) Signes phonétiques Entire Used to Be used (mainly …) OccurConsultant /ai/ /jus/ /juz/ /∏:/ /∧/ Reliable Vital About Healthy Focus /ai/ /ai/ /aut/ /h/ /k∧/

Part 3: oral account (30 points)
2) Tableau de notes
Introduction Virginia Manley, coach and therapist discussing coaching with students at Oakgrove technical college in Basingstoke, England. Definition: associated before with sports coaching, now applies to all fields. Purpose: to help people andimprove skills Coaches: managers and professional coaches. In-house training, coaching schools, training course in business school, seminar How to find one: through colleagues, friends, company, internet sites Cost: depends if company or private: from £500 a day for a company, £25- £75 an hour, 5-12 sessions Who needs to be coached: everyone according to Virginia, but some more than others: – allemployees by managers, especially new ones; – individuals privately with specific problems; – organizations: companies, governments, hospitals: ex. downsizing. Description of coaching: phone or face to face. Specialized coach for particular need. For ordinary people, not for serious psychological problems, helps get perspective and change or improve. Results: efficient, quicker than therapy, resultsvisible, trend increasing Conclusion Growing trend to make people more productive but also improve quality of life

Development (main ideas)

3) Présentation orale en anglais
The document is a discussion between students at Oakgrove Technical College in Basingstoke, England and Virginia Manley, a professional coach and therapist. Manley informs them that the concept of coaching goes all theway back to when someone with skills in one particular field advised someone with no skills or lesser competence. Coaching for a long time used to be associated mainly with sports. Now, however, individuals, employees and big organizations including companies and even governments commonly refer to coaches. Moreover in the business world most managers are trained to coach new employees and theirteams. On the other hand a company as a whole particularly in times of change may call on professional coaches to train managers, motivate employees, prepare them for changes, or improve work relationships . In order to become a coach of course one has to be trained. Managers are often trained in-house. Professional coaches take courses at business school or coaching school, and have at least 6-8semesters of training or 20,000 hours of practice. A reliable professional coach can be found on the internet, or through a company, and of course by word of mouth. A company may spend £500 a day for a coach, whereas for individuals they can cost anywhere from between £25- £75 an hour, depending on whether it's for an individual or a group. Programs usually consist of 5-12 meetings or telephone...