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Brand image and loyalty: brand image is a key factor of our market. Moreover, habits is the main reason invoked by participants to buy. Very strong loyalty.
Place of purchase: Most people buy insupermarket and in specialized stores like Yves Rocher and Sephora. Pharmacies products are also quite popular. Internet seems to be scarcely used yet but it may be the future alternative
Reason of use:Amongst the participants, 44% stated they took care of their skin for comfort reasons. 23% advocated it was for both reason of comfort and reason of aesthetic, and 21% admitted they did so only foraesthetic reasons.
The idea of a specialized only-for-men store: 51% of them said “Why not” ; about 26% of them said they would be interested, and another 23% would not be interested at all.Nevertheless positive or rather positive answers surpass negative ones
Slimming pills highly disregarded, no significant approval : 67% answered they were “useless” versus 28% of “why not”.
Anti-growingcream more successful: 21% of “good idea” answer, and 21% of “very good idea” as well.
Advertising campaign on social networks: 26% of “no I wouldn’t be responsive”, 15 % of “yes I would” but also 41 %of “maybe” versus 18% of “I would probably not be responsive”
Opportunity for us , but also ideas to forget for the moment

* Our Target: Men from the age of 15 years* We are targeting all men, from 15 to 80, concerned with their appearance and the quality of the products they will use. The quality of the products sold will be the same as in hypermarkets forcommon brands, and the price will also be the same. Concerning our specialized brands, coming from the local economy, the products will be more expensive for obvious reasons (higher production costs,durability of the SME etc.) Therefore, we’ve decided to position CosMENtics as an average-pricing firm, aiming at gaining the maximum number of customers, and not to focus only on high revenues, although...