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I-Major Features of the Economy under focus:


The absolute size of the economy.
♣ GDP and GNP both in nominal and PPP terms


Thesize of the population, its distribution according to gender and age, and its
dependency structure. How educated is the population? Ethnic homogeneity.
♣ Population
♣ Male, female
♣ Populationover 15
♣ Average years of study
♣ Illiteracy rate in the population over 15
♣ Dependency rate
♣ Minority groups as a percent of the total population

Wealth and well-being:

The average incomeand its distribution among the population.
♣ GDP/GNP per capita in absolute in PPP terms
♣ Index of inequality in income distribution (Gini)
♣ Women to men average income ratio
♣ Minorities tooverall population income ratio

Economic structure:

Distribution over major sectors and high/low tech industries. Level of industrial development. Special attention to specific economic sectorsand industries: Agriculture, textile, tourism and oil.
♣ Distribution of production according to major sectors (services, industry and agriculture) and industries.

Openness to world economy:The level on integration into the world merchandised and financial markets. Local participation in international activities and vice versa. Institutional framework. Legislative limitations on trade,movement of capital and foreign exchanges.
♣ Revealed Comparative advantage index
♣ Exports (goods, services) value
♣ Imports (goods, services) value
♣ Foreign trade to GDP ratio
♣ Intra-industrytrade indexes (total and by main partner countries)
♣ Number of foreign-based multinationals in the economy
♣ Bilateral and multilateral economic agreements
♣ Foreign investors’ establishmentrights

Labor market:

Labor force size and quality. Technical skills, productivity and human capital. Average wage and unit of labor cost. Labor force distribution according to age and gender and...