TD : Civilisation Américaine.

Checks and balances

The government is divided in 3 functions ( the powers are separated.) :-make laws, the legislative, and the congress
TheFrench government had asked to pass the law against full cover veil or the head to toe veil in public. (Burqa) .
Most of the legislative are bi-cameral ( the upper chamber is inFrance the Senat and the lower chamber in France is the House of representatives .) Both of the upper and lower chamber have equal rights, they make laws. They represents the firstfunction of the government.
The second part is executing the laws which is made by the president of the united states who Works with his administration.
The third function isinterprete and apply the laws which is the use of the judicial power embodied by the supreme court the court and the judges.

These three power are seperated which refers tomontesquieu’s théories ( an 18 th philosopher) He wrote the spirit of laws. It is the basic of spiritual laws. It is fondamental for these power to be seperated. It’s really importantbeacause if every poxer is at the hand of the same man it’s dangerous for démocratie because he can abuse of his power that is what chek and balances is : it’s the fact that the threepowers are seperated and that each of the three power checks on the other in order to prevent an abuse of power . The government of the people for the people and by the people. Thesepower are seperated and they have an influance on one another. The president nominates (chose) the judges of the judiciar system . But the judiciary system can also have an influence onthe executive power.
Books :
- « The English of Law Us law and politics » it deals with the English laws and politics.
- «  The Robert + Collins » it’s a dictionnary. Légal [à continuer]

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