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At the moment, I’m preparing a two-year diploma at a university institute of technology in human resources management in Nice. I would like to be a French assistant next year in the united-kingdombecause I’m eager to share my knowledge with English pupils. I ‘d like to teach them and i will show goodwill to enhance all pupils.
I would like to show them some French movies or TV series. I wouldlike to study French songs or poems and ask pupils if they have understood the meaning. I hope that I could share with them some activities in relation with their class to improve their way ofspeaking French. By suggesting activities based on games I want to teach how French people are and their habits. I’m willing to have the teaching skills and I know that I will have to be able to adaptwith different pupils. I will show an understanding behaviour and with pupils who wouldn’t understand me because I’m patient and I’m willing to explain many times and in different ways if someonedoesn’t understand. For me, I have to use conversational language to improve their French. I want to convey to English pupils that my mother tongue, French , is a wonderful language and they have to refineit mainly through oral . I want to know what English people think of French people and if we are only frog eaters for them or if they have a better image. I want to meet new people and I think that inorder to learn a new culture I have to go in the country because while being abroad I can compare to my native country. Hoping that you will consider my application carefully. I’m involved and I’mreally willing to teach how France, French people are and all my work really pay off.

Je suis actuellement en deuxième année de DUT GEA à l'IUT de NICE . Je souhaite devenir assistante de françaiscar j'aimerai faire partager mes connaissances sur mon pays natal aux élèves anglais. J'aime beaucoup enseigner mon savoir et je pense que je serai convaincante face aux élèves afin de les faire...