Credit card firm targets teens

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How to present a text ?
(Article published in the Times, January 26, 2006.)
This text is an article from The Time which waspublished on the 26th of January 2006. It reports on the launch of a payment car for teenagers.
Firstly, I will present the issue highlighted in the text:presentation of the teen’s card.
Then, I will explain the advantages of this type of card.
Finally, I will show the drawbacks, both for children and banks.
So tostart with the journalist presents us a developing trend in the world concerning credit or payment card for teenagers.

I. Presentation of this type of card* Payment card for teenagers from the age of 13
* A prepaid card : parents deposit in advance the amount of money they allow their children to pay.II. Advantages
1/ For children
* They can spend money as they want and everywhere they want
* There is probably a sensation of autonomy and libertybecause they learn how to use plastic money
2/ For parents
* They don’t have to go shopping with their teenagers every time
* They can choose how muchthey want to put in the card : sensation of control
III. Drawbacks
1/ for children
* They can get used to spend “easy” money that does not come fromtheir own salary
* They can get the habit to use a credit card when they become adult : so to have risky behavior (have debts, borrow money without beingable to give back)
2/ for banks
* They can have more and more risky customers
* They can’t making them subscribe many products due to their situation