Cultural assimilator

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Cultural assimilator

1. A business man just arrived in Hungary meets with his Hungarian college and greeting him: Mr. Zsolt, I’m very happy to meet you.
The Hungarian put the family name on thefirst place, and the first name after. It is especially easy to confront because the first names for the foreigners are very strange, sometimes they can’t decide for the first sight which one is thefirst name and which one is the family name. And the foreigners can make big mistakes in the pronunciations of the names, because in Hungarian there are some characters which are pronounced differentlythan in the other countries of Europe. If we want to be polite we should get some information how to pronounce a name precisely.

2. A foreign college was choosing from the menu tuna fish in arestaurant, and he got a small white filet. He was very unhappy and called the waiter to complain that he was not served with tuna as he could read on the menu.
In a restaurant we can be very surprised,if we order “tuna fish”. In Hungary there is no see, and because of this the people don’t eat a lot of fish, especially not see fish but river fish. In the Hungarian language le term “tuna fish” moremeans “see fish” in general, that is why happened ones that a foreign college in a restaurant asking for tuna fish was served with a white filet, and when he was complaining because it the waiter wassurprised, and in the end he came out from the kitchen with the sac of the white fish showing that this is really “tuna fish”. He didn’t want to cheat just in reality he never had seen a real filet oftuna fish. This story happened around 10 years ago, maybe since the restaurants developed their knowledge about fish.

3. To pay in restaurant in Hungary
In Hungary in the restaurants we “have” topay tip for the waiters, around 10% of the bill. The waiters are not happy if we don’t do this, and we can have some grim look from them. To avoid this unpleasant situation, now on the menu they...