Cultural differences in business

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Cultural differences in business

We are gonna expose you the cultural differences in business in Singapore ;
First we are gonna present the country and in a 2ndpart, how is the business in Singapore with the working practices and the structures in companies.

Part one:
Singapore is an island country off the southern tip of the MalayPeninsula, but it’s an independent republic since 1965 with almost 4,7 thousand inhabitants
Has the world’s highest standards of living, S is a prosperous, modern and clean country!
Singaporeis considered the easiest place to do business in Asia because of low levels of corruption. It’s one of the Four Asian Tigers!!
Many different customs and traditions impact singaporeansbusiness culture and etiquette because that’s an open-minded multicultural country!

The official languages are english(because of the british colony before 1959), mandarin, malay,tamil
The Gross Domestic Product is about 240 billion of SGD!

Singapore keys concepts and values

Because of the multicultural culture, people have toknow the cultural background of business partners before any deals
So, Singaporeans consider personal relationships more important than the company because they want to make sure they’rewith the right person!


In business there are some practices like:
* Use the appropriate title and last name (depending on each ethnic group)
* Use alight handshake
* Use normal business costumes
* Be calm don’t show emotion (speak loudly is considered rude)
* Singaporeans like to bargain hard

Just Use the words “YES” or “NO” its not enough clear
Make intense eye contact with older person could be a sign of disrespect
Be impatient in negociations: sign of weakness