Cultural differencies

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Essay on Cultural Differences

In writing this essay I will attempt to identify cultural differences which I will probably face during my studies abroad.
I have chosen to speak about Japanbecause that country, which has nothing in common with Western countries and even some other Asian countries, is very fascinating. It is a country of mystery and exoticism.

So what are these differenceswhich I will be undergoing and which may affect my future stay in Japan ?

Firstly, I will explain something that I find very important that I learned from my research and some testimonies that Ihad read from people who had lived in Japan. Then I will try to define the differences between France and Japan at a relational level that can facilitate or make difficult the implementation of anexport project. Finally I will give some elements that can overcome the differences and thus make my studies more comfortable.

Let's start by something that I learned about the Japanese andespecially their relationship with the outside. Although globalization is promoting trade, we can not always say the same for the culture. Indeed, Japan is a country that still has little interest outside, astriking example is that the Japanese speak very little English and they prefer the Japanese version with their alphabet.
In addition to that a foreign person (meaning no-Japanese person) will alwaysbe considered as no-Japanese, even if this person masters language and customs. Unlike France, where diversity characterizes it, Japan does not acquire citizenship only if one is born of Japaneseparents and for them it is not allowed to have another nationality. For a foreigner the only way to have Japanese nationality is to give up the nationality of origin. It is important to understand thatthis is not racism, but it is a behavior related to the history of Japan which is quite protectionist.
This is very ironic, because although a stranger is a stranger: he will still be welcomed with...