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|Lycée Albert Camus |[pic] |
|BTS Commerce International| |
|131, rue Pierre Joigneaux – 92270 Bois-Colombes ||
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Bois-Colombes, october 2009

Subject :« international business »training period

Dear Sir,

Students who are preparing a vocational training Certificate in international Business in our school are required to complete a traineeship at the endof their first year of studies.

This training period has to be spent abroad for at least two months (from May to July). The student has to carry out a canvassing thus helping the firm to find newcustomers. Then they will have to account for their experience in an oral exam.
Please find below an outline of the school curriculum and details concerning the traineeship.

I would greatly valuethe opportunity for actual involvement with the professional world which will enable the student to practice his or her academic knowledge.
I would be most grateful if you could consider thisapplication.

Looking forward to reading you,

Yours faithfully,


|General training : French, Economics, Law |Duration : 8 weeks |
|Languages : two foreign...