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Time-Constrained Essay

Question 1:

Describe and discuss the four main e-commerce cyber marketing strategies and provide examples and a URL for each. Conduct detailed comparison between the strategies, describe the pros and cons of each and give the decision-making criteria for the selection of a particular strategy.


Alasdair White22/03/2011

Nowadays, Internet users are more than 2 billion people which represent 28,7% of the world population[1]. Therefore, several companies based their marketing strategy on the use of internet to reach maximum internet users and potential customers. A majority of them understood that they couldn’t compete without being on the Web. The birth of e-commerce made the success of electroniccompanies. Relationships between firms (B2B), customers (C2C) and between firms and customers (B2C) have been developed at a large scale by e-commerce. According to a market study of Fevad (“Fédération des entreprises de vente à distance”) around 65 000 websites sales on internet keeps growing. In this essay, I will discuss about the four main e-commerce cyber marketing strategies. To illustratethis, I will provide examples for each of them by listing the name of a company and explain their strategies. Then, I will develop them to show the comparison between each company, the decision that led them to choose this kind of strategy and their negative and positive aspects.


As a supermarket Delhaize can’t struggle with the growing purchase of e-commerce. Therefore, the companydecided to create Delhaize Direct to compete against other firms. This strategy integrates clicks and mortar as a business model. The company allows internet users to order online but they let them pick up their reservation at a local store. This system is going to be illustrated by explaining the mechanism of this service.

The principle of Delhaize Direct is a service of the supermarket whichfacilitate customer’s buying habits. To use this service, the customer goes on the website through the URL If you are not a customer of the supermarket you must subscribe on the website to buy Delhaize’s goods. As a customer you choose exactly when you would like to pick up your purchases. After the order, the supermarket prepares it and the customer comes to take it theday he/she chooses.

The reservation is able at any time. However, the service is only open from Monday to Saturday and open hours are changing in function of each supermarket. For each reservation made before midnight, customers can pick up their buying the day after. With its different removal points located all around the supermarket, customers are not obliged to enter in it so they can gofaster. The access to these removal points are indicated by billboards on Delhaize’s parking. Some place on the parking are already reserved for removal points.

If a product in the reservation is not available in the supermarket shelves, a contact from Delhaize will provide a substitute product close to the original. This contact will clearly present the substitute product to the customer andhe/she will choose to take it or not. The goods ordered are kept at a safe temperature in various conservation boxes. At the end of the reservation, the boxes are disposed in removal premises. Each removal premise has 3 temperature areas. Two fridges are available for frozen products and the fresh products. Other goods are kept in an area with ambient temperature. When customers come to the removalpoint, he meets the contact and this one ensures that the reservation is given to them.

The payment is done when customers come to pick up their reservation and check if the reservation is complete. For security reasons, Delhaize only allows electronic payments and meal vouchers. Following the supermarket policy, this system doesn’t ask customers to pay on the website. The price of goods ordered...