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  • Publié le : 4 octobre 2010
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Amar Fellani
Jad Benmimoun
Ali El Kasri
Youssef Zair
Negative effects of globalization through mass media

Globalization is the buzzword most argued nowadays. In short, globalization isthe idea that attempt to make the world a small village, and delete all the mental boundaries. Globalization, as a concept, is most portrayed by technology and mass Medias. Lives of many of us dependon mass media means such as internet and TV. For instance e-business, keeping track with the news all around the world, global communication, access to resources of information and entertainingtelevision shows are just some of many other provided services. Therefore, globalization, using mass media communication, can be very useful; meanwhile, it can be harmful when it ends up between evil hands.In fact, it can affect in a very negative way the beliefs of a society, as well as its economy and politics. In view of that, people in the third world countries should adopt a very critical view ofthe flow of information provided by mass media.
It is clear that the introduction of mass media into underdeveloped countries had a great impact on their societies. Major changes have occurredin their lifestyles, as well as in their traditions and norms. For instance, the introduction of pornography in televisions and internet comes to disturb the morals and ethics of underdevelopedcountries, driving children and adolescents to an abnormal sexual development, which in turn could lead to more catastrophic social consequences. According to Patrick (2009) “Many adolescents who viewpornography initially feel shame, diminished self-confidence, and sexual uncertainty, but these feelings quickly shift to unadulterated enjoyment with regular viewing.” Also, with the removal of allboundaries between communities, the cultural exchange between nations and people in the world threatens vulnerable cultures. These cross-cultural exchanges, backed up with the deployment of important mass...