Dans quelle mesure • do you think racism been totally eradicated today?

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Racism is the fear of foreigners, considering race as an outsider for the racist that uses the theory of separatism through a pyramidal hierarchy of races. This topic asks whether they havecompletely disappeared in our contemporary times. Do you think that racism has been completely eradicated today?
First time we see the pros and cons about the real or imaginary presence of racismin our present society and thereafter we will discuss the various aspects of the same problem.

No I do not agree with the problematic of the subject because I think that racism likehunger is rooted in the human gene and not only did he not gone today but in addition it will not disappear from the humanity for such associations as the Kux Kux Klan that existed since the late1870s and until today still exists and recruits. More racism reassure people it feels more reassured he concentrated all their anxieties and fears over another and the other that is different istaking good scapegoat, as in France with the subject of French nationality or with onset of fear of Roma considered thieves and rapists. So racism becomes both the source and consequences ofdisorder rising nationally with the National Front.
By contradiction that racism has not disappeared but is in a recession in some way part of the world. The most obvious example is the accessionto power of the famous Barack Obama became the U.S. president 40 years after the end of racial segregation that marked both the world and led it to change the vision of racism and the black manin the face of the world. But also racism born of ignorance of some people and with the advent of globalization and cultural exchange normally racism has no place in logic.

For me it istrue, racism has not been totally eradicated, but now he is sure that racism will never disappear but the man has the ability to continually changed and why to reduce racism and restrict his fear.