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Source of english law

Common law
Kaice law
Uk legislation
EU legislation

=House of lords + house of commmons = Parlement--> an act of parlement

Ex4 p36 37


Hardlytwo years had elapsed ( plus que parfait ) after OC's death when the monarchy was restored
Plus que parfait = auxiliaire HAVE au passé + participe passé
Henri 7 had Thomas More executed ( structure: have + object + participe passé ) because the latter opposed his divorce
To oppose = verbe transitif direct
Charles the 2 had spent some years at the court of law 16
It's time to doaway with the minority
It's high time the monarchy was abolished
How long the queen victoria reigned when she died ?
Past perfect :aux Have au passé + BEEN + bv-ing
→ antériorité + continuitéeA few things has changed since the queen 's coronation.
Freedom of speech has been guaranted since 1689 ( 1628 glorious revolution : a key moment , the Bill of rights =1689
Howadays , itis said that the queen reigns but does not governed
English Law it's based on precedent , it is refered T... case law

The British constitution:
Is a document wich explain the rules ofpolitical life . ( gives the rules of pol life)
Document how the sovereign power is distributed in the states (pouvoir souverain )
In france the first constituion at the first revolution → one documenthow was adapted
English : a several of historical document ( not one single doc ) → all of them constituate the constitution .

In fact the british constituion have two sources :

-the first oneis LEGIAL RULES : ex act of parlement
RION LEGAL RULES parlementary and constitutionnel comments

Act of Parliament :
1215 =Magna carta King John / Barons
Trial by jury (twelve peoplewho discussed you case it is a protection because one juge → you can be a victim

1679 = Habeas corpus amendment act ( is latine )
1689 =The Bill of Rights ( John the seconde// Parlement...