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Fiche Université [UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES - AUSTRALIE] General Information
Address Level 2 of East Wing, Red Centre The University of New South Wales Sydney NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA 61 29385 5339 61 2 9385 5927 All but not: AGSM, ADFA, ATAX, NIDA, Institute of Languages English: TOEFL CBT 233, with a minimum score for Structure/Writingof 25 and Essay rating of 5.0 Required level of language proficiency (English, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.) TOEFL PBT 577, with a minimum score in the Test of Written English of5.0 IELTS minimum score of 6.5, minimum score of 6.0 in the Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking sub-tests Note: The Australian Government no longer accepts the TOEFL test for the issuance of astudent visa, but insists on students providing an IELTS score. Universities in a nonEnglish speaking country: Do you offer courses in English? If yes, in which areas? General information on yourUniversity Please use additional paper if necessary The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of Australia's leading International Universities attracting outstanding scholars and students from aroundthe world. UNSW is widely regarded for its teaching excellence and research innovation. At UNSW, we have a large and diverse


Phone Fax Mail www Schools/faculties open to Sciences Po exchangestudents and prerequisites if any

Direction des Affaires internationales et des échanges – 27, Rue Saint-Guillaume – 75007 PARIS 


international studentpopulation, representing over 130 countries. Our international students have featured as an essential part of the university life over 50 years. Today, approximately 1 in 5 UNSW students come fromoverseas and we are delighted that many of our recent students are the children, and the grandchildren of our original international students. Our 170,000 - strong alumni, many now located throughout...