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Sealing: substance used to close the pore wood before the finishing. It’s served to avoid the woods variation. “The most finishes are self-sealing”.
Dovetail: joint interlocking two pieces of wood.“The dovetail joint is considered like one of the strongest and certainly the most beautiful joints”.
Mortise and tenon joint: a hole in one part of a wooden structure into which the end of anotherpart is inserted so that the two are held together. “The mortise-and-tenon joint is the most frequent joint used by fine wood workers”.
Band saws: power saw consisting of a toothed steel belt runningover wheels. “With a band saw, you can make precision works”.
Drill presses: Machine used for boring holes. “Drill presses are precision tools, capable of boring holes in exact locations”.
Dustcollection: Machine used to collect dusts in the shop. “Woodworking create dusts so you have to use a good dust-collector”.
Mortisers: Machine used to create mortises. “If you want to cut mortisesquickly, you have to buy a mortisers”.
Lathes: Machine used to holding and turning pieces of wood. “If you want to make foot table, you have to use a lathe”.
Planers: Machine used to plane the wood.“When you buy woods for wood working, the first step consists to plane the wood”.
Scroll saws: Machine used to make marquetry. “With a scroll saw, you can cut straight lines and going around corners”.Table saws: Table with an adjustable blade. “The table saw is the most important machine for a woodworker”.
Dado: It’s a rectangular groove cut across the grain. ‘’With a dado blade, you can maketenons’’.
Impact driver: Power tool similar to an electric drill that combines rotary drilling motion with a back-and-forth tapping motion to secure screws, nuts, and bolts more efficiently
Insert cutter:An accessory for a saw, router, shaper, molding machine, or other cutting tool, consisting of a heavy circular base into which two or more matching knives can be installed to create detailed...
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