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Appendix Prospection assignment and client follow up

This document is enclosed with the training course agreement, it is for your information. It has been drawn up bythe teaching team in charge of the professional assignments in accordance with the frame of reference.

1. Professional purposes and objectives

Professional purposes

Preparing andfollowing up a commercial canvassing (prospecting) bearing in mind the specific caracteristics of the market target. This assignment should develop the student’s aptitudes to analyse a situation handledby a foreign company with a sociocultural approach.
4 purposes are related to this assignment:
- To discover and put into practice international exploration techniques such as, commercialevents, individual and collective assignments, direct marketing and through the Internet.
- To implement and verify the operational efficiency of the prospecting tools.
- To learn how to draftor carry out a prospecting budget.
- To get familiar with or use different means of assistance related to export.


At the end of his or her training course the student willwrite a 10 page maximum project, dealing with his or her canvassing experience within a intercultural context. The intercultural context will be assessed according to the student’s observation of thedaily life within the company abroad. This project will be drawn up with real data and documents which can be presented in a foreign language. The student will present his or her choices relating toprospecting assignments, methodology used to carry out the prospecting. The student will have to underline the sociocultural variables in his or her prospecting approach and show how he or she tookthis into account when managing relationships in a foreign environment.

2. Content

The following skills will be encouraged

- Identifying and selecting the targets in accordance...