Desserts of the world

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Desserts of the world

I’m going to introduce my presentation about the desserts. I chose this topic because I love desserts and I like to cook.
First part is: I- Desserts in EuropeSecond part is: II- Desserts in Asia
Third part is: III- Dessert in Africa
Then: IV- Desserts in America
Finally: V-Tasting

I-Desserts in Europe
The first cake is English: the apple crumble.Originally, the crumble was created in the United Kingdom during World war II because of rationing, the ingredients needed to make pies that require too much flour, butter and sugar, the crumble wasmore economical to prepare.
The second dessert is French: pancake
The origins of pancakes back to 1886 when Mrs Katel created a very thin pancake. The pancake was carried by the burghers of Quimper.(Quimper is a french village of Brittany)
The third dessert is Italian: Tiramisu with raspberry
There are many theories about the origins of tiramisu: five regions of Italy - Piémont, Lombardie,Venetie, Frioul Vénétie julienne and Toscane - claim to the land of origin of this dessert.
Among the legends about the origins of tiramisu, we find one that traces its invention in the late sixteenthcentury, in Tuscany, during the visit of the Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de 'Medici, in Siena. The duke brought the recipe to Florence, from where it spread in the Venetie, Trevise and Venise. It’s inTrevise that the mascarpone cheese is added to the recipe.
The tiramisu is cooked generally with the following ingredients: eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, sponge cake, ladyfingers or sponge fingers,cold coffee, cocoa powder.
These ingredients are prepared separately and stacked layers independent.

II-Desserts in Asia
For Asia, I’ve prepared a fruit salad exotic composed of lychees,oranges, grapefruit, bananas, kiwis, lemon and limes. This is a Thai dessert.
III-Desserts in Africa
A Griwech is an Arabic cake with honey and sesame seeds. To make this recipe, we need flour, butter,...
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