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Devoir 1 Anglais.

1) Key soo gey is a user of TU media services which provides him some television broadcast on his cell phone. Actually, he no longer has to go to the television because he cansee digital programs by lauching the service on the cell phone he's got in his pocket.
2)The Digital multimedia broadcasting could have a sweeping impact on the korean's telecomunication market.For one thing, TU media leapfrogged their counterparts in the run for innovative telecomunication. That can enable korean's market and specifically telecomunication market to gain concurentialadvantage on other companies. Thus, the money made by this market can be reinvest in other innovative product and create a booming of korea's economic growth. This should help korean's industry todevelop some new markets.
3)TU media, a Korea's industry has developed facilities to provide users a service that can enable them to use Digital multimedia Broadcasting on their cell phone. Although,other company from Japan, Europe, and U.S have gotten into the market, TU media has breakthough the market long before them and have a tremendous time advantage.
As instance, Japan's industry justdeveloped the technology and can't reach the cell phone market. US and Europe DMB services have a long development to suit digital media on-line on the cell phone.
4)The digital mobile tv programget influence by young viewers. In order to seduce them, a channel has been created to supply simple programs that can be view by anyone in short time display as a bus journey for instance. The mainkind are some shorts comedies, live trafic or soap operas. It depends also on time viewer is wathcing it because shows are frequently update.
5) This technology is quite expensive because user ougthto buy a special cell phone as the Samsung's SCH-B100 DMB, fully equipped with a camera, MP3 player and of course digital media device. It cost nearly 800 dollars each. Then, user should susbribe...