Devoir d'anglais la violence au travaille

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Devoirs d’Anglais

In this document there is two documents. The first one is an article entitled “Change law to make bullying bosses pay.” It is a newspaper from “The independent on Sunday”, whichwas published on the 26th of May 2002. So it is a fairly old daily. The second is an extract from a strip drawn. The author is Edward P. Lazear. These articles tacked the issue of harassment frombosses at work. To summarize, the author said that there is more and more bullying bosses at work and this phenomenon gets everybody: professionals, unskilled or skilled workers. The problem touched uponis clearly expressed here: the author and especially employment pressure group wants to create a law to punish the author by a penal law. First of all, we will give a definition of harassment, andthen we will deal with the different forms that she can set according to these various interlocutors. The least point will be about the consequences which it engenders and which are the means bet inwork to fight against this piece of news forms of violence.

Harassment can be describe as unpleasant acts repeated ceaselessly, which aim at making painful the working conditions of a person.Harassment can express by several manners. We will see that there are several forms of harassment: on one hand coming from superiors and from other one from colleagues.
When it is about superiors, we speakabout vertical harassment. Generally, by setting up an abuse of power, the bosses try to emphasize themselves. For that purpose, it aims to isolate the victim, by putting her more and more pressure bygiving her objectives impracticable. It creates a working overload. Then, the salary isn’t being able to reach them, her stress increases and she begins to feel guilty permanently, eventually cracksand it is urged to resign. In this way, the superiors succeed in getting rid of him at a lower cost, because he doesn’t pay unemployment benefits.
When it is about colleagues, we speak at...