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Claire: Hi ! Ready for the English lesson ? I except everyone did the work I've given you yesterday ! Sooo who's going to be my victim today ? Errrrm... Killian !
Killian: Ooooh no miss please !
Claire: Come to the board or I'll give you some extra work ! Did you read this book ?
Killian: ...Slumdog Millionnaire ? By Vikas Swarup ?... Yes I did !
Claire: OK so let's check this !Sum up the story in a few words please Killian .
Killian: Erm... This book deals with … an Indian boy ? Yes, erm, a young Indian boy who wins a quizz show named erm... “Who will win a billion”, and because he is a slum boy , and many people believe slum boys don't know anything, Ram -yes the boy is called Ram- is accused of having cheated on the show. So do defend himself he is going to justifyevery single answer he has given !
Claire: Yes... Let's focus now on chapter 6, “Hold on to your buttons”.. Can you tell us a little about it ? What are the recurrent themes ?
Killian: I don't know … Love ? Cooking ?
Claire: Cooking ...!! No no no !!! Are you idiot or you just didn't read it ?!! The recurrent themes are … who knows ? No one ? Alcoholism ! Religion ! Poverty ! The humancondition !
Killian: Yes that's what I wanted to say ! Exactly ! Yeees alcoholism, when Ram is a barman he explains how he has made a classification of alcoholic people comparing them to animals ! Isn't it right ?
Claire: erm... Yes you're totally right ! What about the other themes ?
Killian: Poverty ! Ram is poor ..
Claire : and ...?
Killian : He doesn't have money !
Claire: (soupir :p) Go andtake your book ! Page 157 .
Killian: (Dharavi is not a place for …. blablabla )
Claire: (à partir de “Amidst the modern...” ) ...and this last part describes well the contrast between the poor and old-fashioned India and the brand new rich India you see ! Now let's get to the plot .. Do you remember the story ?
Killian: Yes, Ram was working in the bar when a man in a Mercedes came in todrink... but when came the time to close, Ram's chief obliged him to go and talk to this man in order to sell him more alcohol ! So Ram goes and talk to him … The man is a rich managing director of a factory named Surya and which makes buttons, his name is Prakash Rao ! He keeps repeating the same words “My brother … Oh my poor brother..” So Ram asks about his brother and then discovers an incrediblestory … His brother, Arvind Rao was manager of this industry and took him under his wing. One dayhe met a woman called Erzulie De Ronceray but he calls her Julie … and erm... that is were I stopped reading miss, I'm sorry … Mum wanted me to go to bed !
Claire: Hmmm, it's OK but it's the last time it happens Killian !
So, Prakash meets Julie in New York, she comes from Haiti and doesn't have agreen card which allows you to work in the States, and the INS catches her without this card ! Prakash will tell Julie is her employee and in exchange she will give him love respect but moreover... fantastic sex ! Don't be shocked children ! Life is full of injustices , this looks pretty much like prostitution and we can see it like this, especially when we know further that Prakam gives a lot ofmoney to Julie and is even going to divert half a million dollar to his brother's society … She want's to become a rich and important woman and she'll make her best to reach her goal ...
Killian: His brother is an idiot ! Why didn't he see anything ?
Claire: Let me finish ! His brother discovered it and he was furious ! Prakam had to leave his job and had to give a part of his salary every monthto pay off his debt to his brother...
What I didn't tell you yet is that Julie is a voodoo priestess !
Killian: Oh ! I know what is that ! Voodoo is an Haitian religion in which people believe that everything in the universe is interconnected ! I saw that on TV last night ! They say they can even bring dead people to life, zombies they call them !
Claire : yes you're right ! So Julie is one...