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HM : Come in. So, I’ve heard that you have been fighting with one of your classmates. Can you tell me what happened ?

G : Well, everything you couldheard is true. I beat a boy, I broke his nose. He is such a loser. He doesn’t know how to fight. He is so pathetic !

HM : But why did you do that ? It’snot a proper attitude for a girl ! You know you have to be punished…

G : Yes, I know, but he has to be punished too ! Because he is used to bullyingme. All the time he is taking my stuffs, he is hurting me, but I’m not the only one to suffer ; you can answer the other pupils !
Everybody’s saying thatI’m always whining, but don’t you understand that I have enough ?! I gave him a lesson.

HM : I know that you have enough but this is not a reason to beviolent and you should have told me that he was bullying you. If you had explained me the problem , I could help you…
But now I have to call yourparents and expel you for a few days. For now I want and expect you to apologize to your classmate. Don’t worry, he will do the same.

G : You know I don’tagree to apologize to a such nasty guy because I’m sure when I come back he will start again and bother me… People doesn’t change in two days despite theirapologizes…

HM : You don’t have the choice. So you can take your stuffs and leave the school. I’m waiting for you in two days with the apologizeletter.The argument is closed and I will call your mother. I hope i twill be the last warning.

G : Yes, sir. I’m really sorry and I won’t do that again…