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I was playing on the computer when i heard my mother screaming:
‘ John ! Come on, I have something to say to you ! ’
‘What is there again …’ I asked
‘I need to talk to you aboutthe money that I give you’ she answer. I began to get excited because I didn’t finish my part of video games.
‘Is there any problem ? I am busy and I didn’t spend more than I have !’Although I shouted that, I went to the kitchen where my mother was. And she declared :
‘You don’t have to spend all of your money every month. You have to keep some euro in the banklike five euro per month and when you need to buy something which is expensive you can with this money. I must not lend you money without stopping when you want something.’
I watched herwith big eye. And I replied to her :
‘How dare you ask me that now !? I work a lot at school and I don’t want to keep money, I prefer spend it when I want’
She smiled and murmured:
‘You don’t have the choice, I took this decision with your father and he agrees with me. How do your friends have to managing their money ?’
‘I don’t know !’ I shouted. ‘I’m notlike them! Why do you want to copy all of their parents do ? ‘
She added ‘It’s the best solution for your education. And you will get a card to pay. Is it not super? Formerly when Iwas young, my parents didn’t give me money, we had to earn money working for the farm! It’s a pity that you don’t see how lucky you are’
I shook one’s head and I murmured ‘ So you’dbetter leave me on the street.’
‘Don’t say such stupid things, I don’t understand why you get angry with this decision, you have a card to pay when you need something, you have enoughmoney on the bank, I’d like just you keep 5 euro per month. ‘
She finished ‘So you can come back on your room and you calm down.’
I nodded and I leave and I resume my video game.