Dialogue entre avocats, agnglais

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The victim is the first one to be interrogated

« I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God »

swore John Heartfield.

« Well, what’s your name, and let me remindthe jury what happened to

your son » said the babysitter’s layer

« My name is John Heartfield, I’m 35 years old. The Saturday January 21th,

I had important date with a beautiful woman is avery good french


When I came back home, everybody had disappened…

So I became nervous and I screamed » said Heartfield

« Why didn’t you call the Police ? » Asked thebabysitter’s lawyer

« My phone wasn’t working » said Mr Heartfield

« It’s too bad, ! Please Mrs Judie take the witness stand. Thank you Mr

Heartfield for your testimony » asked the babysitter’lawyer« And you what wan you doing ? Where were you Heratfield’s son when he

came back »Asked Heartfield’s lawyer

« I know anything, this story is very strange I will ewplain to you what

happened :I was with James, we had eaten, at one moment

I went to the bathroom, so I left the child in the kitchen and when returned

to the

room, he had disapped » said Judie

« And what did you doafter that ? » asked the layer.

« I ran to find Mr Heartfield because I knew where the restaurant was, where

he had his date : but he had just left the restaurant » said Judie

« At thatmoment, did you call the police ? » asked the lawyer

« Yes sure, I called the police » said Judie

« We are listening to you, what do you want to say » asked the lawyer

« When I saw the restaurantboss, I asked him John Heartfield was »

« He said to me that Mr Heartfield hadn’t been com in this restaurant that night »

« Okay thank you. John Heartfield, please come back to the stand »« Mr Heartfield, have you got an explication for these revelation ? »

« What can I say ? »

« Maybe you have some secret ? »

« She lied, she never went to the restaurant, because i didn’t...