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Sujet: You meet a friend from your band, Andrew, after arguing with your dad about your future in the music business. You complain about your dad’s misunderstanding. Write the conversation.

I amwalking on the street, remembering the argument I had with my father when suddenly I hear my name. I look all around me and I see Andrew who is coming to me.
“Hey, how are you?” You lookdisappointed.”
“Oh, I just had an argument with my father” I admitted “and I went out while he was talking to me, I am so angry!”
“Really, what about?” he asked surprised.
“I said him that I want to be an artistand to make a demo of my songs with your help” I reported “and he pretended that it would be impossible.”
We are staying on the middle of the street, each one looking the other…
“…”, no sound goesout of his throat.
“It is very surprising to hear that from his own father, isn’t it?” I sighed.
“Yes, it is. But I’m sure that he said that just because he was worried, we could fail in the musicbusiness.”
“You’re certainly right, in spite of that I would like him to understand me. Moreover, I wish he trusted me and supported me in my dreams.”
“The fact is that everyone wants his parentsto support him!” retorted Andrew.
“It’s the reality.... However, I continue to disagree with my dad about what he said...”I sharled in a strong voice “The music business isn’t as hard as he think,especially as we have the label, the studio and we are all together...”
“NOW...Sorry, I was thinking to a music of the Beatles” he said in a tensed smile.
We are now in the park, walking slowly.
“Youalways have the word to laugh that’s why I like you” I declared “You make me feel happy!”
And I begin to run all along him.
“It’s always a pleasure!” he acknowledged “So, what are you going to do?Have you any idea?”
“I’m going to do what we announced and it will be a triumph, I’m self-confident about our project!” I said wildly.
“It’s good to hear you like this! You look like a new...