Dirty dancing

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Dirty Dancing
Introduction :

Thanks to Kenny Ortega , who realised the dancing scenes of the movie Dirty Dancing, a new style has been created. The movements of this dance are not based on therythm of the music but more on the lyrics of the songs. The dance is used to express the feelings of the characters.

Salsa has been existing for more than 30 years and is still is widely dancedacross the American continent. The title of the movie is Dirty dancing because people, who were dancing, gave the impression of making love while being on stage, women were dancing erotically withoutinhibition.

Kenny Ortega created this dance by using cuban rythms like Salsa and Mambo. The dancing concept of the movie is a sensuous soul-dance with a partner. In this movie, the dancetechniques are secondary, it is the feelings expressed by dancers which are put forward.
Kenny Ortega is a choregrapher who has worked with Michael Jackson and Madonna. Presently, he keeps on realisingchoregraphies like high school musicals and others musicals.

History of the Mambo

Mambo comes from Cuba and is close to Salsa. Mambo is particularly enjoyed across the American continent.Mambo is danced on four beats. One basic step on eight beats, correspond to twelve movements.
The dancers face each other because their steps are reflecting each other steps.
The partners must beclose to each other.

Some Mambo’s dancers hold their partners tightly around the waist putting their right hand on the dancers left hip; the movements of the dancing couple are totally intertwinned.Cuban Mambo owes its‘ existence the Cuban musician Perez Prado who invented it in 1943. This musical style combines Jazz rythm with Cuban rythms to create jazzy sound, which was renowned in the1950’s.

Mambo was considered as a jazzy version of the Cuban Rumba, ressembling a lot to the cha-cha-cha. Actually, it’s Mambo which at the origin of this dance.
History of the Salsa...