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  • Publié le : 29 décembre 2010
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Today, too many pupils know difficulties in high schools. Indeed, the major problem is the rate of failure at the examinations which is very high. We can observe several causes connected to thisproblem. First of all, our pupils are in overcrowded classes. It comes because the financial cuts-money is not well dispatched. Then, there is too little guidance about courses at university so studentsfeel lost, teachers will not notice there have difficulties to follow so they fail. In these overcrowded classes we can also observe too much chatting, this leads to bad marks. To resolve this problem,the money for education would better be well-dispatched, and teachers should be more paied. So, pupils will be better supervised and will feel less lost. Regrettably today, we can observe anothergraver problem, which gets our pupils. Indeed, there is more and more violence in high schools. This violence can explain by some student are violent because they have been the victims of violence athome, in their childhood, in their family.. Other pupils, who might be gangsters, bully the others and scare them to defend their territory because they deal drugs. It's thus necessary to react !Henceforth, bullied and racketted students are afraid of going to school, students can be hurt physically and mentaly. They feel unsafe, or they can be depressed. We count more and more suicide every year inhigh schools ! If I'm elected, I shall establish then counselling, psychological help for pupils victim of this violence or for violent pupils who wish be helped. I shall establish also morejourneys, more extracurricular activities like sporting events, matches, music playing, visits, to keep them busy. In high schools the most violent, metal detectors at the entrance of schools will beinstalled, to prevent pupils from entering with guns or knives. I shall impose more supervisors, more surveillance around the teenagers. The welfare and the success of our pupils concerns everybody, so vote...