Discrimination in france

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Nowadays a lot of people are victims of discrimination. All over the world, this phenomenon exists, but in some countries, like France for instance, this phenomenon is accentuated by the socialsituation and by the fact that a lot of people from different ethnics who have differents cultures live together. That’s why I will expose and try to define all the kind of discrimination which exists inFrance.

The kind of discrimination that exists the most in France is the “ racial discrimination”. Indeed, in France, the population is composed by a lot of national minorities because of herhistory. She was a colonial country, and after the decolonization, a lot of people from that colonies came to France. France has got a tradition of emigration in his history and a lot of differents ethnicslive in France. But that’s the Jews, the Arabs and the Africans who suffer more from the “racial discrimination”. This kind of discrimination is often reflected in other types of discrimination. The"employment discrimination" is a social fact that brings a terrible truth: in France, in nine out of ten cases, a person of North African or with African origins looking for a job, will be immediatlyrefuse even before employers will met him. The "employment discrimination" also appears in a business where some people are denied positions of responsibility despite their skills and this because oftheir origin, sex or disability. This brings us to another type of discrimination, the wage discrimination. The victims of such discrimination are often women, or . Indeed, with the same time and forthe same job, their male counterparts are often subject to a better remuneration from the employers. That shows a certain "sexual discrimination" in our society. And last but not least, a newphenomenon, called the “ positive discrimination” , has emerged over the last ten years. That consists in help candidates who belong to categories frequently victims of discrimination (women, disabled,...