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This text is a discussion between a boss (Mr. Brooks), an executive (Mr. Stone) and his assistant (Mr. James) who try to find a solution in order to grow up the sales of an internationalmark of fruit syrup.

Mr. Stone: Good morning Mr. Brooks, you asked to see me?
Mr. Brooks: Yes, we have to talk about the prosperity of our company, it’s very important, the sales drop, we have todo something as quickly as possible.
Mr. Stone: Yes, I know, it’s the reason why I ask my assistant, Mr. James to join with us.
Mr. James: Good morning Mr. Brooks, effectively “market studies” provethat results are not good, it’s necessary to react before it become too late.
Mr. Brooks: OK, do you have something to propose?
Mr. Stone: Yes, Mister James thought so much about this question. Itis very interesting, I examined the situation, I approve completely and I think that you will like that.
Mr. Brooks: Good, I am listening to you Mr. James
Mr. James: Market research shows that thecustomers have a tendency to buy products which have a good taste but which is also good for health. Firms like Coca Cola or Pepsi included this problem into their strategy by making drinks withoutsugar.
Mr. Stone: People pay attention to their weight, therefore to produce diet syrups for drinks would be a good solution, the target would be particularly the women for whom to be or remain thin isimportant of course.

Mr. James: Yes, people know that to be in good health, it’s necessary to drink much water, approximately 2 liter per day but the most of them don’t reach this target.
Mr.Brooks: Ok, it’s right
Mr. Stone: It’s the reason why I think about a new product. To give a taste to water without makes it caloric. The syrup would become a powder in little pockets to put in bottles.Therefore drink water will not be like drudgery anymore.
Mr. Brooks: I see that you reflected much, and it’s a good thing. But that will cost so much from launching this new concept, and all...