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After volcano started erupting violently, sweeping a cloud of fine but potentially dangerous dust high into the atmosphere, national aviation authorities have closed airspace across most of northern and central Europe.
The cloud of volcanic ash causes a lot of kind of trouble like a family who couldn’t travel for the holiday and theemployees who were blocked in other country and there is also economical and financial issues for airlines companies, travel operator and tourism sector (hotels,restaurant…) and for the perishable good like flower, vegetable products who could n ‘t be stocked and will be damaged.
The cloud of volcanic ash caused more than 75000 flighthave been cancelled and over eight million passengers have been dislocated.
The current eruption because a volcano still erupting is different from any pervious incidents,that s why the authorities don’t make any compromise with the safety of the passengers.
This disasters show us that there is no bargain with nature, even we have thelast improve technology but we couldn’t control the erupting of volcano and this incident stopped the most important airport of Europe and decrease the economy of manysector and industry.
We have to find solution for the future to solve this kind of problems.
We saw with this disaster that we are dependent of the aerien transport fortravelling and the transportation of good especially the perishable one. And it is inconceivable for us to live without plane because it is practical and fast but thisdisaster show us at which point the technology is weak in front the nature and it is necessary for us and our children to protect the nature and avoid this kind of disaster