Disertation anglais: consumer society

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  • Publié le : 26 mars 2011
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During years, a problem which didn't exist before appeared. It's is the “Junk food”which cause many problems in the society, and we'll discuss about it. Firstly, we 'll analyse this phenomenonand try to explain why and how it's appear. Secondly,we'll see the impact of this phenomenon on the society and we'll conclude with some solution which have been proposed to try to solve thisproblem. Finally, I'll give my opinion.

Nowadays, we are in a « consumer society » where everyone wants always more. Moreover, many people don't have any more time to be posed because they havean hectic life and due to their rush way of life they often eat in fast food. This was typically American, but now it's spread in many countries. MacDonald is the best example of this phenomenon.Food in fast food is very fatty and sugary, and it causes many problems as heart diseases, diabetes and also obesity. In Europe, obesity has largely increased during last few years. Englandwhich is the country the most affected : an adult on three will be obese in 2012 according to the researches. Further more, the family is touched. Today, many teenagers eat in fast food because theirmother work and they don't know how to cook.
Many campaigns were done to answer this problem, as advertising with such slogan like « to eat at least five fruit and vegetables per day » or « tonibble is bad for health » but it's not really effective because the number of obese continue to increase.
Concerning my opinion on this topic, I think it is a shame that there are obesity’sproblems mostly in western countries when there are countries where people die of hunger. Considering all the food on the earth, it's proved that it's possible to nourish the entire population ofthe world. According to the UN, a person dies of hunger every three seconds in the world.
All the question is, How to meet the interest of the rich countries with those of the poor countries?