Disney: his life into his work

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VALENE Carla EMP Student 2010

The Disney Universe:
The vision of a man

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Disney individual assignment

Almost every child in developed countries heard the name of Disney once or saw a movie. Disney created a world of fantasies in theanimation industry with speaking animals and is known for providing entertainment directed to adults and children alike, through cartoons, but also live-action movies, theme parks, and TV programs. Entertainment became global and he remains one of the major entertainers of the 20th century.

To depict the journey of Disney as an entrepreneur, let us start with the basis. Was Disney anentrepreneur? And most of all, why was he a successful one?

According to the Harvard definition, being an entrepreneur means “the pursuit of the opportunity beyond the resources” and “the ability to create something from practically nothing” (Timmons). Age 22, he created his first company with his brother, Roy, but had no contract. Fifty years after he died, the name and the values of the company stilllive on. He left a global brand, created from nothing else but his drawings and brought it, at the end of 2007, to be worth $76.36b. He was innovative and his company nearly dominates the industry.
This legacy is not only professional. Bridge and O’Neil: entrepreneurship is to “exhibit innovative behaviour”. On a personal scale, Disney created a family business based on values, and he acted as arole model: hard working, funny, loving person, he created amusement directed to children.

The childhood of Disney

Walter Elias Disney was born on Dec, 5, 1901, in Chicago. He has three older brothers and a little sister. The boys were very close from each other; Roy even became Walt’s lifetime partner in business. To him family is very important, and it will remain so in the company,because the family members will run it after the founder’s death.

“An entrepreneur is someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it” (Bygrave). At a very young age, Disney had a vision of the world, primarily due to the figure of his father. His parents were farmers. His father, a religious fundamentalist, used to discipline his children with the belt, denying tothem toys, games and anything related to childhood. This violence must have created a feeling of protection of behalf of the eldest towards Walt, because he was the youngest boy, and brought them together.
It also had a great impact on Disney’s later passion for the entertainment of children and the creation of the theme parks. He grew without a childhood and later found a way of amusing himselfas an adult, by making cartoons and filming them with characters like Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.

His father was also a pro-union activist and a well-known socialist, changing job frequently, forcing the family to move often, from rural to urban areas in Midwest USA. The family was always on the verge of financial collapse, and everyone in the family that could work had to do it, to survive.During those times, it was difficult to be educated for a farmer boy, who was always moving from one place to another, and who needed to strive for food, working instead of studying. Whenever he had free time, he liked to draw some animals. According to Roy, Disney always enjoyed country life, and the animals he could encounter. This may have given him the idea of filming animals and the preciseimage in mind of his talking characters. Alongside, I doubt he had the parents’ blessing for trying to make a life drawing

The triggering event beyond any doubt (Morse), regarding his motivation and passion for cartoon came at age 16, when he joined the art class at the Chicago Academy; he there developed his modest drawing skills.
A year after he drops school, to serve in World War I. He...