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Sally returns at home with her sister, Jill. When they bring in, they perceive some cries of Nan, their grandmother. She tries to know why she is crying. Their grandmother gets excited, she thinks ofbeing thrown back by her children because she is black. Sally is bewildered. She discovers that she( is aboriginal because she had never noticed it. Later, in the evening when both sisters are lying,Sally asks her big sister of the extra information on their origins, if she knew that she was black and why and the prejudice before today.

The Aborigines came to Australia from Asia inprehistoric times. They were divided into 600 trives, each with its own language and territory. The were herded into reservations and forced to live off government handouts, if they weren't killed first.Moreover, thousands of Aboriginal children were taken from their families and brought up in settlers' home. Today, the Aboriginal people total 270 000, out of a population of 18 million. Two thirds live intowns and cities. Many others live in the outback or brush country (rural and far-off areas), and some still have a traditional way of life.
A majority of them are at the bottom of the socialladder. Unemployment and poverty rates are tge highest in Australia. They often live in miserable conditions, without basic services like electricity and running water and also suffer from endemicalcoholism.
Howecer, since the 1980s, the Aborigines have brought their story and culture to public attention. The whole Australian comminuty has finally become aware of the Aboriginal people's dreadfulsituation and the necessity to grant land rights and respect their cultural traditions.
Aboriginal religion is based on a system of beliefs known as the Dreamtime. Man is part of the earth, which wascreated by the « dreams » of our ancestors. These dreams are myths that tell the story of every rock, strem, tree and animal. These Dreamtime creatures also created man and other present-day animals...