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A luxury product is a product that meets the needs and expectations but it has the particularity to provide a certain image (p26). Thus, a product will also be carrying thepersonality of its creator and culture of the house and only emotion is to pass through it (p60) It was what had enabled humans to go beyond their basic needs for survival. It was the need to accessmaterial goods allowing a certain social recognition (p15 pub de luxe).ÉcouterLire phonétiquement Dictionnaire - Afficher le dictionnairepronom ithim1. article
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Therefore, luxury brands had to distinguish themselves from other brands: it was for this reason they putforward their know-how, price and customer. They usually maintained a certain distance to the envy and desire (p27 pub de luxe). The know-how was the main asset that advocates for luxury brands: “theknow-how could be started as a true innovation, like the discovery process by Dom Perignon champagne at the end of the seventeenth century or the crystal by glassware St. Louis in 1781 ". The know-howmay be also involved in technical work performed on a rare and quality. But what made the greatest strength of the product, the signature of the designer or the representative at the end (p28 pub deluxe). However, styles of consumption and living had changed so some luxury brands, to survive, had exceeded their original business such as ST Dupont “brand master goldsmith, lacquer and trunk makersince 1872”, famous for its lighters, who had to reposition its image more towards the art of etiquette and travel to face of the growing anti-smoking.(p44). The style could make connections, to beloved and to give reasons for owning the brand. As Pierre Cardin, to emerge, "the talent and taste are not enough, only the style is." All the brands claimed and wanted to preserve what made them...