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In watching the Dead Poets Society, I believe the movie was about finding oneself.
As Mr. Keating said, "Carpe diem", or seize the day. He encouraged his students to defy the norm.He wanted them to become their own person, find their own walk. I believe there were two major conflicts in the movie. The first one was with Neil and his father. Neil wanted to becomean actor, but his father insisted that he become a doctor. He wouldn't allow Neil to follow such a foolish dream. The second conflict was a power struggle between the boys of theacademy and the administrators. The administrators wanted the boys to be all the same and have no distinguishing characteristics.
The conflict with Neil and his father was resolved whenNeil committed suicide.It was a sad resolution, but that way Neil would never be controlled by his father again.I feel that it is very important that you don't always follow the crowd.People need to have their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. All the time people around you will tell you how to act, what to do and when to do it, and even what to feel. You have todevelop your own personality, that is not influenced by your parents, teachers or friends. I feel that your parents, teachers, and friends can help develop your personality, but itshould be all your own. I really think that is Mr. Keating's aim. He genuinely cares about his students and wants them to learn from his class. He encouraged all of his students to pushthemselves and be all they could. He got them to think, and feel for themselves. He taught them to question things they had never question before. This is a skill that we all have tolearn. I feel that all of us need a Mr. Keating in our lives. To conclude the movie really showed how to stand up for what you believe in even when it can be a really hard thing to do.